Modern Technologies and Engineering in Sustainable Forest Utilization


Conference affiliated with IUFRO,
/Unit: 3.00.00 - Forest Operations Engineering and Management/


Jubilee of Professor Janusz M. Sowa, PhD, D.Sc.



Objective and scope of the Conference

The main aim of the Conference is to present and discuss current scientific and practical achievements in the field of forest utilization based on forest technique and engineering development in terms of permanent and sustainable forest management. Exchanging current scientific attainments and practical applications between scientific centres of many countries in Europe and around the world shall contribute to increase quality of forest utilization as well as intensify international cooperation in the scope of conducted research, higher education and international scholar exchange. The Organizers anticipate content-related panels as follows

  1. Forest utilization and transportation;
  2. Ergonomics in forestry;
  3. Forest technology;
  4. Forest engineering.


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